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2018 Entrepreneurial Field Trip to Austin

by Christina Dreiling on November 08th, 2018 in

Hello from 


Our trip to Austin was one for the books! 
Thank you to those who attended.

A special thank you to all who made this trip possible and set up our great adventures.

Here are some highlights from the trip!


Above: Our first stop was Kendra Scott!
Front row (left to right): Shirley Bush Helzberg, Barnett Helzberg, Kerry Hartnett, Kendra Scott, Doris Royals, Janene Ervin, Christina Dreiling, Kali Buchanan and Madison Siegfried.
Second row (left to right): Dave Cacioppo, Joelsette Jones, Bill Hartnett, Lirel Holt, Carla O'Neill, Hayley Cacioppo, Robyn Schmitz, Ginny Gudmundsson and Travis Siegfried.
Third row (left to right): Robin Royals, Austin Bickford, Jeremy Greenamyre, Danny O'Neill, Scott King, Bret Schmitz, Jeff Kreutz, Skuli Gudmundsson, Mike O'Malley and Will Buchanan.


Above: How many HEMPers can you fit into an elevator? Thank you, Tim Barton, founder and former CEO of Freightquote, for hosting a Happy Hour for us at your Austin condo.

Pictured: Scott King, Mike O'Malley, Kerry Hartnett, Austin Bickfrod, Bill Hartnett, Bill Love, Missy Love, Danny O'Neill, Shirley Bush Helzberg, Barnett Helzberg, Christina Dreiling and Jeff Kreutz.


Above: Our second visit was to Whole Foods! We had a great day touring the flagship store, ending with lunch with Don Clark, Global Vice President of Merchandizing at Whole Foods Market for Non-Perishables.
First row (left to right):J
eff Kreutz, Bill Love, Missy Love, Hayley Cacioppo, Melody Warren, Shirley Bush Helzberg, Lirel Holt, Barnett Helzberg, Don Clark, Doris Royals, Kerry Hartnett, Kali Buchanan, Will Buchanan, Carla O'Neill, Ginny Gudmundsson, Christina Dreiling, Robyn Schmitz and Travis Siegfried.

Second row (left to right): Mike O'Malley, Jeremy Greenamyre, Dave Cacioppo, Joelsette Jones, Austin Bickfrod, Robin Royals, Bill Hartnett, Danielle Debbrecht, Scott King, Danny O'Neill, Skuli Gudmundsson and Bret Schmitz.


Above: Our last and final visit of the trip was to Yeti, complete with branded HEMP tumblers!
First row (left to right): Barnett Helzberg, Skuli Gudmudsson, Ginny Gudmundsson, Kerry Hartnett, Doris Royals, Missy Love and Hayley Cacioppo.
Second row (left to right): Jeremy Greenamyre, Austin Bickford, Scott King, Mike O'Malley, Bill Love, Robin Royals, Janene Ervin, Christina Dreiling, Bill Hartnett and Dave Cacioppo.